This could be your story

And it's based on true events.
A short time ago on this Earth. There was a company...

The company was like Luke Skywalker before becoming a Jedi. They had a dream to do something big, to change the world. Small guys lost in the big world of the Empire. Just like Luke needed Obi-Wan; they needed us. They needed a mentor. We're sure you've heard of them (we can't tell you who it is). But we can say this... if you are using the internet then, you're probably connecting using their chip. (Just think about that).

They started as a small company; tight friends, nobody could separate. The friends worked together for years in the lab but didn't know how to bring their idea to market. Theirs wasn’t just another normal silicon chip.They had special requests, requirements, and demands. This was something nobody had seen before. They'd looked in other places for help. They’d asked other key players in the market for the solution.

Who we have worked with

Due to NDAs, we can't mention most of the companies that we work with. Argotech is a member of several prospering EU projects tied with Silicon Photonics and whilst all of them are intriguing and deserve several pages, we'll introduce you to a couple of them: PIXAPP, REDFINCH, SEER, but also PICTURE, PASSEPARTOUT, PhLEXAT and InSiDe.

Project PIXAPP establishes the world's first open-access PIC assembly and packaging Pilot Line accessible to manufacturers, allowing about 120 users a year across the manufacturing and market spectrum, providing standardised, cost-effective and off the shelf photonics packaging. Its greatest potential is validating the prototypes before scaling to large volume production. Our tasks are hybrid integration, packaging processes and reliability testing.

REDFINCH is developing the next generation of miniaturised, portable optical sensors fo  chemical detection in gases and liquids. In detail, we use mid-IR PICs to realise a fully- integrated PIC-based chemical sensor for applications in the 2-20um wavelength range. We contribute to this project by coupling the laser chips on pure Indium layers to the PIC chips.

The project objective is to develop SiPh multi-sensors for aerospace composite manufacturing. To create smart self-monitoring composite tools to measure process and material parameters during the production of composite parts of aeroplane wings. The sensor will measure temperature, pressure and refractive index. We assemble said sensors from PIC, optical fibre and other components, including coupling the optical fibre onto the PIC chip.

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